Forgiving my daughters killer

Forgiving My Daughter's Killer: A True Story of Loss, Faith, and Unexpected Grace - Kate Grosmaire, Nancy French

This book is the journey of forgiveness the Grosmaire's travelled after their daughter was shot by her boyfriend.  I believe in forgiveness.  It is not always easy.  It often takes me a while to get over myself and take the journey.  But, would I be able to experience such a tragedy and forgive.  I cannot say it would be an easy thing.  Actually, probably impossible.

They fought the system which enabled Connor (the boy) to receive a shorter sentencing.  They told him they loved him, right from the start.  They took forgiveness as their way of coping.  Amazing story.  In this book they get to tell Ann's story.  She was a lovely girl with a loving family.  She had a father that loved her and fought for her ever after her death.  All this is told in these pages.  This book, seems to me, to be part of the healing and forgiving journey.  It is a story that needs to be told and read.  There are too many of these stories in the headlines of the papers, and the Grosmaire's are taking a stand to make things a little more right.