Leave this song behind

Leave This Song Behind: Teen Poetry at Its Best - John Meyer, Stephanie Meyer, Adam Halwitz, Cindy Spertner

Within these pages lie the work of today's teens.  The future poems, that will be considered for study.  Which ones will we analysing in future days, as I have Emily Dickenson and Robert Frost, in the past few years. 

The writing of this poetry is different from the past.  It took me by surprise; this great lover of poetry.  I struggled to see the alliteration, rhyme and metaphors.  But there is beauty in the words of these teens.  They are new and fresh.  Why should poetry be the same as yesterday, when there is still art in the words.  Isn't poetry meant to get us thinking?  Well, this book did.  I give credit to the uprising teens that are able to put words to paper.  The art behind each poem needs credit of its own.  There are worlds in these poems, that of today's teens.   A world that is different, and so also, the art is different.  Poetry is the art of language. 
So as I put aside all the literature studies which I have encountered in the past few years, I can take this book and see the future of great writing.  Every generation should be heard.  This is just the start of giving teens their place in the next round of poetic voice.  We should watch these young people, who knows who the next Dickenson or Frost will be.